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At Sydney Security Company, we know that security control such as surveillance monitoring, is as important as on floor guard security. This is why we have moved from simply providing surveillance installations to a complete surveillance and guard hire service.

Running tradeshows and convention events can be both time consuming and strenuous for the organizer. We specialise in providing security solutions to bespoke tradeshow organizers and private convention events, where security systems are not already installed by the freeholder.

Examples of the main security threats your operation may experience throughout the course of your convention event and tradeshow business are:

theft from patrons, risk associated with compensation and negligence claims like fire or appliance damage, staff or patron injuries during the event, damage to trade show equipment or event props, unexpected violence or assault and/or unforeseen OH&S incidences which all require surveillance footage for insurance claims.

There are five main security areas that your convention events and tradeshow business may need to look at closely and consider implementing at your business location.

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Other notes to take into account for the installation process

While our team are trained to install our security equipment in all types of building structures, these are the common issues we encounter when performing an onsite inspection. So please advise on the phone with our sales representative if any of the following meets your situation, so we can draw up the most efficient way to install your security system with minimal time delays and disruptions to your business.

>Please let us know if you have suspended ceilings or a concrete ceiling. Also, please let us know if your walls are also gyprock or solid cement.

> If your premises do not have a manhole for our technician to perform cabling and wiring requirements in the ceiling or roof of your business, you may need to budget an extra small fee for possible conduit or external cabling requirements

> If your premises already have cabling in place from an old security system, please let us know so we can determine if the cables and wires are available for use on the new security system. Most of the time, this is possible if the structure is relatively new. If however the old security system was installed decades ago, we may need to replace all wiring to ensure your new system works effectively on new cables and wires.


What we expect from our customers:

As we take our customers seriously and value our time to serve all customers well, please do not call us first if you are simply price shopping. Our prices are one of the most competitively priced on the market for the workmanship and security equipment we use, which is why many Sydney business owners choose us to complete the job. We are open to negotiations and most often accommodate all our customer’s request, as well as budget constraints. The priorities of selecting the best security company to perform your install should be based on integrity, reviews, equipment quality, labour warranty, efficiency of the installation service and efficiency of the customer service team. We look forward for you in joining our list of happy customers with our recognised service in the industry.