It is not something new, it has been at least a decade or two, with technology radically seeping its influence on our everyday lives. Similarly, technology has also created a certain impact on our security systems and the way we view about security.

The absent of wires and turning analogue cameras to digital or even high definition, are major moves for our closed circuit television systems (CCTVs). Presently, users can also remote monitor their surveillance premises via real time video, ensuring that they are aware of what is going on at sites even though they may not be able to present physically.

Unlike traditional locks which require one to remember the passwords, smart locks enable users to open them via smartphone Bluetooth or keyfob. Not only so, a wifi lock can actually keep an eye on the lock on behalf of the users, to keep track of who and when the lock had been open or close.

Surveillance cameras are also moving ahead of times as users no longer have to afraid of the inability to capture a target as they move off the surveillance area. The new security cameras are able to collaborate together in which the next will take over where the last had left off. So that the target is always under supervision.

Furthermore, like many improved sensors, the new generation of security cameras are able to detect minor trigger and also classify actions into person identifications. In other sense, these machines are armed with the abilities to learn so that users will have a better idea of the kinds of people that are often present at the premise under monitor.

Having smarter security systems also indicate that certain technology are make available at a cheaper price. For example, fingerprint scanner, a device which no longer monopolised by airports or major checkpoints. Having our fingerprints scanned in order to gain access to building or even to unlock computers or mobile phones are also becoming common. This definitely lesser the hassle of one to always change or renew their entry via passwords.

In general, smart technology connects our system together. So that all parts and components of the security ranging from cameras, detectors, locks, to access control and alarms are all link to one another, lessening the hassle of overall management and maintenance.