Security system is a form of reassurance. Like fortress, metal bars, and fences, although they are extremely helpful, they can only protect us to a certain extent. Most of the time, if is us who need to be responsible for creating a safe living and working environment.

As common sense as it sounds, but there are always individuals who neglect or underestimate the importance of day-to-day safety.

For example, lock all doors and windows while you are away and if you already have a security system installed, check that they are working at their optimal level and there is enough electricity supply to garner their functions during your absent.

A small trick here is to make the premise looks occupied, such as synchronising the front door light with timer, so that they continue to light up in the evening even when there is no one around. Inform post office to hold onto your mail so that envelopes or flyers will not stack up. In the domestic setting, do engage in neighbours’ help, ask them to keep an eye on your property or retrieve newspaper delivery.

Regardless of homes or commercial buildings, make sure there is sufficient lighting in all areas. If you will like to cut down on electricity bill, install motion sensor lights. Shadowy areas such as bushes and tree backs are best for hiding, hence creating opportunities for burglars to house themselves before or after the act.

Regular maintenance of existing security systems, ensure that they do not turn into comfortable homes for pests as their presence may damage the qualities of the recorded footages or worse, triggers a false alarm.

In addition, ensure there is no blind spot, a 360-degree coverage is always ideal because an offence can take place anytime and anywhere. There is no 100% safe zone when it comes to security.

Make full of existing technology, such as connecting the security system to your mobile phone, taking a picture each time when someone gains access to certain areas, or keep a detailed fingerprint record of all authroised personnel etc.

Always remember that the security system is a form of deterrent, to reduce the chances of crime or emergency from taking place. By having a good system does not guarantee no crime but the investment definitely had brought us a peace of mind.